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Corona Virus

I’m just going to say it: Christians, and even some pastors, have been making light of this virus outbreak. I’ve even heard pastors I know personally say things like “it’s no big deal” or “I’ve seen worse things” or “it’s just a curve ball”. People constantly comparing this to things that have happened in the past. Um, really? People are dying from this! This is happening right now! We need to stand in faith, yes; but also show compassion! Peoples lives have been forever changed by the loss of loved ones, crippling businesses etc. Yes, this will pass and I’m confident God is going to use this for our good, but as Christians (and especially pastors) we should watch how insensitive we can sound at times like this. I am praying for all those effected by this. May the Lord Jesus Christ carry you through this. - Pastor Andrew Green

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